Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Divorce Coach?

A: A Divorce Coach is a guide for both parties of a divorce, meant to aid you in this difficult and overwhelming process. A Divorce Coach helps with understanding the divorce process, mediating discussions, making important decisions and offering support and strategies for navigating your emotions and dealing with practical logistics and co-parenting strategies to arrive at a peaceful and civil solution.

Q: Should I get a Divorce Coach?

A: If you are unhappy with your current relationship and are thinking of separating, a Divorce Coach can aid in identifying the core problems, whether your relationship can be saved, and taking steps toward the divorce process if we conclude that this course of action is necessary.

Q: My Divorce is already financially draining. How can I afford a Divorce Coach too?

A: While a Divorce Coach may sound like just another expense, the services I provide may actually end up saving you money. Navigating frustration and emotions in front of a mediator or lawyer can cost a fortune and still leave you feeling helpless and upset. My Divorce Coaching services are here so that doesn’t happen. I can aid both parties in understanding each other’s points of view, and present strategies and support to mend ties and make the divorce process as easy and painless as possible. I can also help you to organize and prepare for the time when you do meet with your lawyer so you are prepared, informed, and empowered as you complete your legal negotiations.

Q: I’m not sure if divorce is the best option or not. What should I do?

A: Divorce is not something to be rushed into. Many factors must be considered before deciding to separate. I can work with you and your partner to discover and remedy core problems in the relationship, and work through the options available to you as you decide if divorce is your next course of action.

Q: My partner and I have decided we want a divorce but don’t know what steps to take. Can you help us?

A: Yes. I have expertise in coaching those who have determined divorce is necessary but do not know how to proceed. Working with me, we can discuss what to consider before, during, and after a divorce, help you make the right financial, emotional, and parenting decisions for your family’s future, and take the steps toward a more civil and less costly divorce process.

Q: I want to protect my children as much as possible during the divorce. What is the best course of action?

A: As always in a divorce, the safety and well-being of children comes first. A divorce can be as difficult for your children as it is for you, so it is important to take steps to alleviate any anxiety and turmoil on your children’s part where possible. Working together, we can create a plan to reduce the strife caused for both you and your children during this difficult time, as well as co-parenting plans for a smooth transition into your future.

Q: I am currently in the middle of a disastrous divorce that is both emotionally and financially straining. What should I do?

A: Divorce can quickly become a financial and emotional strain on you and your family. In order to recover from this, the right expertise and knowledge is required in order to take steps to mitigate damage and begin moving in the right direction with a sound financial strategy for the future. Working with me, we can discuss and enact a course of action that will help you recover and move forward on a personal and financial level.

Q: How often will I need to meet with you, and how much will it cost?

A: I offer both private and group Divorce Coaching sessions, and offer services to men, women, and couples.

  • Accelerated package $360 - 2-4 sessions per month
  • Basic $360 - 1-2 sessions per month
  • Group $99 - 2 group sessions per month

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Instead of going through a war of courts and lawyers, we decided to take a different approach and see a Divorce Coach. Julie helped us cut through all our emotional baggage and see things objectively. With her help, we got past our differences and settle on terms that we both found agreeable with as little heartache and financial strain as possible. She saved both our bank accounts and our sanity.

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