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My journey to becoming a divorce coach came about through my own painful divorce in 2008, coupled with my previous experience as a personal life coach. My divorce had far-reaching effects on both my emotional and physical heath, as well as my self esteem and personal identity.

It was a difficult journey, from assessing my personal situation to finally making the decision to proceed with a divorce, to coping with the stress and heartache as I worked through the divorce process. I knew from the experiences of others in similar situations that involving lawyers would only make the situation more of a battle, and that was the last thing I needed.

Instead, I turned to my own professional life coach training and began to implement the same tried and true principles to the process of working through my own divorce. I was able to move beyond the feelings of anger and helplessness with an outlook of optimism and hope.

Coaching can help you change your life for the better.

You can learn how your personal choices are affecting your life, and that your happiness is up to you. You can’t always change your circumstances, or the situations you face in your life, but you can change how you act or react to those circumstances. It is up to you to decide what your future will look like, and to create your own happily ever after.

Coaching can help you find yourself, and let go of the feelings of anger, frustration, betrayal, and despair that are holding you back. It can teach you how to set goals and move toward a positive and successful future, and how to make permanent, lasting changes.

Divorce coaching can help you keep your emotions in check and make the best decisions on personal, financial, and practical matters that will benefit you as you move forward with your life.

I offer divorce coaching sessions for individuals and couples who are thinking of possible divorce, going through divorce or have completed their divorce.

My passion is helping those who refuse to let their divorce define them.

Going through a divorce can induce a minefield of emotions. Letting go and moving beyond the hurt, anger, and disappointment is ultimately your choice, and divorce coaching can give you the necessary tools to move forward into a joyful and fulfilling future. You deserve a life filled with happiness and peace!

I coach men, women, and couples.

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I never imagined that I would have to go through a divorce, so when it happened, I was stunned. I didn’t know how to proceed or what to do. All I had was a mess of anger and emotions I was struggling to deal with. Julie changed all of this, bringing sound legal insight and a supportive touch. She helped my husband and I set and reach our goals for divorce, taking the whole process from a nightmare into something manageable. I’m so glad we decided to get a Divorce Coach and that we found Julie.

JC - Hamilton, Ontario